Sherlock Shellingford (Idol Form)

Series: Milky Holmes

First worn: Anime North Texas 2017 – Dallas, TX
Awards won: Best in Masters, Anime Austin 2018 Cosplay Contest – Austin, TX

(Still waiting on pictures of this outfit!)

In the fourth season of Milky Holmes, all the main detective characters gain new outfits that are a really cute mix of a detective outfit and an idol outfit. Sherlock’s outfit is particularly unusual in that it involves an exposed petticoat section, and the coat itself does not close all the way at the bottom. This outfit is one of my two shortest dresses.

This outfit reuses three components from the previous Sherlock outfit: the hat, the wig, and the magnifying glass.

As per my previous Milky Holmes detective outfits, McCall’s M6800 is the base pattern. The material used is cotton sateen. The main difference between this outfit and her original detective outfit years ago is that I’m now using the shorter view on the pattern. The way the pattern is cut, it forms a circle skirt. On top of that, an additional white hem facing was added. Horsehair braid was used on the hem of the coat to add body.

The lining of the coat is made from the same dyed fabric as the main coat. It is then hand stitched to the main coat using the exposed section of the horsehair braid as the anchor point for the stitches.

The white petticoat was hung from my standard bodice internally to the coat. The petticoat is two layers: first layer is the layer that hangs past the skirt, and the second layer above that provides additional support. All layers are done with a ruffler foot.

The mantle/collar combination is adapted from the same pattern used in Alice and Kazumi.