Hercule Barton

Series: Milky Holmes

First worn: Anime North Texas 2016 – Fort Worth, TX
Awards won: Best in Masters, Anime Austin 2017 – Austin, TX

Hercule’s costume is a costume where I actually had grander plans for it than what I finally ended up doing.  In the series, her ability is super-strength, so I actually considered doing things like make construction cranes, Mini Coopers, and other heavy items out of foam, but she also loves books, and so I took advantage of my pretty decent collection of books and pulled an appropriate book from my collection as a prop.

Hercule Barton. Picture from Spekture (http://www.spekture.com)

Photo from Spekture (http://www.spekture.com)

Like the Sherlock costume, the coat is made using McCall’s pattern M6800 with a collar modification, and the mantle is made using one of New Look’s mantle patterns, with a collar modification.  The hem band for this outfit is actually a slightly ruffled piece with a bias tape binding.

The floppy detective hat was made from an out of print Simplicity pattern that I had on hand, and I actually like the hat better than the ones I’ve made before; it’s roomier inside, and it’s more representative of the detective cap.

All the brooches are 3D printed, and the bow is made using the same techniques as Sherlock and Cordelia’s outfits.

The wig was from Arda Wigs, from their Silky line.