Welcome to Licca’s Dollhouse Cosplay Studio.  This is my home, where the dreams of my friends and I come true.

I am an amateur costumer/designer, and I mostly delve in cosplay involving Japanese animation series and games.  My specialty is in male-to-female crossplay.  I also dabble in 3D modeling and 3D printing, which I use extensively in my costumes to solve unique problems as part of the process of translating a 2D character into something a person can wear.  In addition, I also digitize machine embroidery designs for use in my costumes.

I also compete in costume contests.  My main purpose in participation is for promotion of the characters that I cosplay, and to display the craftsmanship techniques used in making my costumes.

The goal of this page is for me to display the costumes that I’ve made, share some of my special techniques and tricks that I use to make the components to my costumes, and serve as a repository for the files for the 3D printed and embroidered sections of my costumes.

Note: I do not accept paid commissions for costumes or props.