Series: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

First worn: Ushicon 2014 – Austin, TX

Awards won: Best Craftsmanship (Novice Division) and Judge’s Choice, Otakon Masquerade 2014 – Baltimore, MD

This costume is definitely one of my more memorable costumes. Not only it’s the first costume that won me my first major award at a costume contest, it also is one where if I have the right stage for it, the costume becomes so much nicer and flashier.


Photography by DMJ Photography

This costume is actually one-and-a-half costumes. The thing about Jeanne is that she has two forms depending on the point of the anime/manga you are at. I call the two forms the “demonic form” and the “angelic form” (which is a slight spoiler on what happens in the story). By making a few extra parts, I can basically bring along two costumes in the space of one costume in a garment bag. I personally prefer wearing the angelic form myself, because it just looks so much nicer with her huge bow in the back.

Out of Jeanne’s arsenal of weaponry, I chose her ribbon rod as the weapon I would use as a prop on the convention floor. This is where the stage where I am displaying the costume is critical. If the stage has the space for me to safely use it, I would attach a 6 meter ribbon instead of the 3 meter ribbon I use on the convention floor. Twirls and loops with the 6 meter ribbon just look a lot better.

All of Jeanne’s trinkets (her earrings, pendant, bracers, and chestpiece) are 3D printed. In addition, her ribbon rod grip is also 3D printed.

I actually got the chance to meet Tanemura Arina (the mangaka for Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) in person. I had her sign my ribbon rod grip.