Series: Atelier Shallie – Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

First worn: San-Japan X 2017 – San Antonio, TX (Version 1), Anime USA 2018 – Washington DC (Version 2)

Awards won: Best in Master/Craftsman Division – Saturday, Anime USA Costume Craftsmanship Contest 2018, Washington DC

Photography Credit: Armstrong Photography (

Photography Credit: Armstrong Photography (

This costume is essentially a combination of the Ayesha and Escha outfits in terms of techniques. There are two versions of this outfit; the skirt in the first version was ruined due to a bathroom accident, so I remade the skirt and changed the hem band to be made out of silk velvet.

This costume, like Ayesha and Escha, featured cutwork techniques and machine embroidery to get the scallops on the bodice, the tribal designs on the tunic and the sleeve, and the designs on the skirt. The inside slip was made from cotton sateen; what is noticeable is that the inside slip has a scallop pattern that is duplicated from the official art. Most of these scallops are not visible from the outside.

There are several 3D printed components, namely the medallions, the hair ornaments, and Shallistera’s weapon bell.

Photography credit: Slime Signal (