Rina Touin

First worn: San-Japan Sinister 6 (2013)
Awards won: None

This was my second Mermaid Melody costume, and I started making this right after my friends loved the Lucia costume.  I really love this costume because overall, it’s a very simple costume to make, and it qualifies as a formal gown for a formal masquerade ball that a lot of anime conventions are doing.

The costume is basically a slightly modified version of Vogue Patterns V8808.  The princess seams of the dress, plus the sheer length and body of the dress, makes it look wonderful on stage or on the ballroom floor.  I actually took some ballroom dance lessons with it, and when I ended up doing turns for waltzes, the dress really flows and shines.

The beads on the costume are made of jade, which is perfect for the green colors and accents on the costume.  This also featured the first version of the e-Pitch microphone, which was made with a combination of a block of wood (thanks to one of my friends who has the equipment to do this), and 3D printed shells and trim pieces.