Cordelia Glauca

Series: Milky Holmes

First worn: Anime North Texas 2014 – Fort Worth, TX
Awards won: Best Craftsmanship, Anime Overload 2015 – Austin, TX

After how well the Sherlock costume was received, I decided to make Cordelia’s costume, which is a very similar design.  It is also one of my costumes that I choose for casual cosplay in the fall and winter.

Photography Credit: Patrick Bennett Photo and Video

Like the Sherlock costume, the coat is made using McCall’s pattern M6800 with a collar modification, and the mantle is made using one of New Look’s mantle patterns, with a collar modification. The big difference here is that the entire hem band is made out of minky. The minky hem band took nearly 20 hours of work to do because of the sheer difficulty in getting it precisely correct.

The bow that you see on the chest is also made out of cotton strips, with ribbon used as the blue stripe. The ribbon is attached to the cotton strips by topstitching it 1/32″ from the edge of the ribbon.

The floppy detective hat is also made from Burda’s pattern 7037, like the Sherlock hat.

All the brooches are 3D printed.  The flower brooch in the center was a rather interesting one to model.

The wig was a wig from Arda Wigs, with fake flowers attached to it using sectioning clips. This enables me to wash and maintain the wig easily.