Rin Hoshizora (Love Wing Bell)

Series: Love Live

First worn: Sakura-Con 2018 – Seattle, WA

Awards won: 2nd Place, Hall Cosplay Contest, Okashicon 2018, Pflugerville, TX

Photography Credit: Obsidian and Blush (http://www.obsidianandblush.com)

This outfit was inspired by a friend, who is a huge Rin fan and wanted me to make this outfit.  This outfit is notable in that it is so bulky that it has broken multiple hangers, and requires me to transport this in a huge plastic tote.

This dress is mainly made of cotton sateen, and features an integrated petticoat, the use of elastic in a casing on the bodice, and the abuse of the ruffler foot to create most of this outfit.

The general structure of the dress involves a fitted bodice, with elastic in a casing across the top of the bodice.  The dress is in three layers; the first layer is a split layer that is shaped in an ellipse, and then gathered with a interfaced strip of fabric on the side to create the “wings”.  The second layer is the pink inner dress, and the third layer is the petticoat.

The butt bow is made of cotton sateen, custom dyed to the correct color, and uses Decor-Bond interfacing and a zinc bar to hold the bow up.

The veil is made out of silk chiffon, with a machine embroidered scalloped edge.