Lucia Nanami

First worn: A-Kon 24 (first revision), Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 (second revision)

Awards won: None

This costume was what got me into crossplay.  This is what got me started on the whole concept of making my costumes instead of buying them, as many costumes that are available for female characters are usually not available in my size.  In addition, there is a significant dearth of cosplayers and costumes of the series and characters that my friends and I like.

There has been two versions of the costume: the first version was one I wore at A-Kon in 2013, and it was definitely an eye-opener for sure.  After my friends saw photos and video footage of the costume, they gave me their verdict: I was to never cosplay a male character ever again.  I still have the first version in my closet, and it now serves as spare components for when the second version needs things like beads and buttons.

The second version was made for Anime Weekend Atlanta the next year, when I visited my friends that wanted me to make the costume.  It featured a variety of improvements that were the result of crossplaying for a while.  It also featured the second iteration of the e-Pitch microphone.