Lucille Ernella

Series: Atelier Escha and Logy – Alchemists of the Sky

First worn: Anime Matsuri 9, 2015 – Houston, TX

Awards won: Best in Advanced Division, Anime Overload 2016 – Austin, TX

This costume is, in a way, a test costume. Since cosplay from the games in the Atelier series is extremely rare due to the sheer difficulty of most of the costumes, I decided to make Lucille’s outfit to see what it would take, as her outfit is one of the simpler ones to do.

The dress is made out of cotton sateen, dyed to green. I wanted to do something special instead of the stripes that are in her dress; I chose a special stitch in my machine, then loaded metallic thread in the bobbin of my machine to create a beautiful accent. All stitches that are not structural are done with metallic thread. The overdress is made out of satin, with cotton sateen for the white pieces.

The petticoat is made from a combination of muslin and cotton sateen. Making this petticoat and how well it held the dress up convinced me to never make a petticoat out of tulle again.

All the buttons, her hairclip, and the side fleur-de-lis on the overdress were 3-D printed.