Hanon Honshou

Series: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

First worn: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 (Version 1), Anime CTX 2019 (Version 2)

Awards won: Best Craftsmanship, Anime CTX 2019, Round Rock, TX (Version 2)

Hanon costume

Photography by FilmShooter Photography, http://filmshooter.us

The first version of the costume was a cursed costume, and it was the source of several convention and cosplay horror stories. Therefore, I remade it in 2019 to remove most of the issues that caused the costume to be ridiculously difficult to wear. The costume now only requires one zipper to put on, and it can be very quickly be put on in the parking lot outside of my car.

The costume uses McCall’s M7615, which is a ballerina dress pattern. Only the bodice section of the pattern is used. The pattern is then modified to remove the center seam and a separate version of the bodice is then used for an inner bodice and the lining. The skirt is three circle skirts back to back to back, and with the lining and the multiple tiers, requires 28 yards of horsehair braid.

The e-Pitch microphone for this remake is version 6 of my model of the microphone. The microphone was printed in PLA.

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